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Kyoto Temples/Shrine Fee and Opening Hours

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Temple/ShrineFees(Adult)(under18)TEL (075)Opening HoursWhat's it famous for?
A Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple
500400861-2221Mar-Nov 9:00-4:30
Dec-Feb 9:00-3:30
More than 8,000 stone images.
Amida-ji Temple
300JH300744-20489:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
B Bishamondo Temple
500H400/J300581-0328Mar-Nov 8:30-5:00
Dec-Feb 8:30-4:30
Beautiful red maples.
(Uji)/Byodo-in Temple
(Homotsukan 9:00-5:00)
The Phoenix hall. World cultual heritage.
C Chion-in Temple
400H400/J200531-21119:00-4:00The oldest present temple gate.
Chishaku-in Temple
500HJ300/E200541-53639:00-4:30Beautiful garden.
D Daigo-ji Sanpo-in Temple
500H500/J250871-00029:00-5:00Stone steps, Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Daikaku-ji Temple
500300871-00719:00-4:30Palace for Emperor Saga.
Daitoku-ji Daisen-in Temple
400H400/JE270491-8346Mar-Nov 9:00-5:00
Dec-Feb 9:00-4:30
Zen garden.
Daitoku-ji Temple
Depends on temples491-00199:00-4:30Contain complex of 24 zen-subtemples.
E Eikan-do Temple
761-00079:00-4:00One of Kyoto's most famous red maples spot.
Enko-ji Temple
400300781-80259:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
Enryaku-ji Temple
8:30-4:00The temples complex on Mt. Hiei.
Entsu-ji Temple
500H500/J300781-1875Dec-Mar 10:00-3:30
Apr-Nov 10:00-4:00
Shakkei(picturesque) garden.
F Fushimi-inari Shrine
FreeFree641-73318:30-4:30More than 14,000 of torii gates.
G Genko-an Temple
400H400492-18589:00-5:00Satori, Mayoino-mado (Zen window).
Ginkaku-ji Temple
500H500/J300771-5725Mar-Nov 8:30-5:00
Dec-Feb 9:00-4:30
Zen garden, beautiful red maples.
Gio-ji Temple
300HJ300/E100861-35749:00-4:30Temple of love romance.
H Heian-jingu Shrine
600(garden)H600/J300761-02213/15-9/30 6:00-5:30
10/1-3/14 6:00-5:00
(11/1-2/28 6:00-4:30)
Big torii gate, specious garden.
Higashihongan-ji Temple
FreeFree371-9181Mar-Oct 5:50-5:30
Nov-Feb 6:20-4:30
One of the world's largest wooden structure.
Honen-in Temple
FreeFree771-24006:00-4:00Zen garden.
Honno-ji Temple
Free(Homotsukan500)(300)231-533510:00-4:00The Assasination of Nobunaga.
Hosen-in Temple
with tea
700744-24099:00-4:45Good view of bamboo garden and surrounding mountains.
I Imperial Palace
FREEFREE211-1215All Day
Tour 10:00 and 14:00 (Reservation needed: N/A on Sun, Sat & Holidays)
Used to be the residence of Japan's Imperial Family until 1868.
J Jakko-in Temple
600H600/J350744-2545Mar-Nov 9:00-5:00
Dec-Feb 9:00-4:30
History of Taira clan.
Jingo-ji Temple
500500861-17699:00-4:00Beautiful red maples.
Jikko-in Temple
with tea
with tea
744-25379:00-4:30Beautiful garden.
Jisso-in Temple
500H500/J250781-54649:00-5:00Beautiful red maples.
Jikishi-an Temple
500400871-18809:00-4:30Wabi sabi spilit.
Jizo-in Temple
i’n‘ ‰@j
400H400/J200381-34179:00-4:30Bamboo temple.
Jojakko-ji Temple
400HJ400861-04359:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
Jonangu Shrine
500(Garden)H500/JE300(Garden)623-08469:00-4:00Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Jurin-ji Temple
400400331-01549:00-4:30Shamisen (Japanese gitter).
K Kamigamo-jinja Shrine
FreeFree781-00116:00-4:30World cultual heritage.
Kennin-ji Temple
500300561-019010:00-4:00Kyoto's first Zen temple.
Kinkaku-ji Temple
400H400/J300461-00139:00-5:00The "Golden Temple".
Kitano-temmangu Shrine
FreeFree461-0005Mar-Sep 5:00-6:00
Oct-Feb 5:30-5:30
Tenjin san market.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
(Aug-Sep -6:30)
*Night opening on season
The most famous temple in Kyoto.
Kodai-ji Temple
*Night opening on season
Beautiful garden and red maples.
Koetsu-ji Temple
300300491-13998:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
Nanzen-ji Konchi-in Temple
400H300/J200771-3511Dec-Feb 8:30-4:00
Mar-Nov 8:30-4:30
The stylish gardens.
Konpuku-ji Temple
400200791-16669:00-5:00Famous for haiku.
Daitoku-ji Koto-in Temple
400H400/J300492-00689:00-4:00Beautiful red maples.
Koryu-ji Temple
700H500/J400861-1461Mar-Nov 9:00-5:00
Dec-Feb 9:00-4:30
Fine Buddhist statues.
Kozan-ji Temple
600600861-42049:00-5:00Beautiful red maples.
Kurama-dera Temple
200H200741-2003Sep-Mar 9:00-4:30
Jun-Aug 9:00-5:00
On Mt.Kurama, good for hiking.
M Manshu-in Temple
600H500/J400781-50109:00-4:30Graceful architecture.
Matsuo-taisha Shrine
Garden 500
Garden HJ400
Sun 9:00-4:30
God of sake.
Mibu-dera Temple
(Mound 100)
(Mound HJ100)
841-33818:30-4:30Mibu kyogen parformances.
400HJ400771-39099:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
Myoshin-ji Temple
500(Honbo)H500/J300461-52269:10-11:50 and
Contain complex of 47 subtemples.
N Nanzen-ji Temple
500H400/J300771-0365Nov-Mar 8:40-4:00
Apr-Oct 8:40-5:00
Zen garden and beautiful red maples.
Nijo-jo Castle
600H350/J350841-00968:45-4:00A castle built by Tokugawa.
Ninna-ji Temple
500H500/J300461-1155Dec-Feb 9:00-4:00
Mar-Nov 9:00-4:30
Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Nishihongan-ji Temple
FreeFree371-5181Mar-Oct 5:30-5:30
Nov-Feb 5:30-5:00
World cultual heritage.
Nison-in Temple
500500861-06879:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
O Oishi-jinja Shrine<
FreeFree581-56459:00-4:00Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Okochi-sanso Villa
with tea
H1000 J500
with tea
872-22339:00-5:00Beautiful garden and macha.
R Renge-ji Temple
400H400/J 0781-34949:00-5:00Beautiful red maples.
Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple
600HJ500561-69808:30-4:30Founded by Kuya shonin.
Rozan-ji Temple
500H500/J400231-03559:00-4:00Beautiful garden.
Ryoan-ji Temple
500H500/J300463-2216Mar-Nov 8:00-5:00
Dec-Feb 8:30-4:30
The most famous Zen garden in Japan.
Daitoku-ji Ryugen-in Temple
350H250/J200491-76359:00-4:30The smallest Zen garden in Japan.
S Saiho-ji Temple
30003000391-3631Reserved time onlyThe moss garden.
Saimyo-ji Temple
400H400/J300861-17709:00-5:00Beautiful red maples.
Sanjusangen-do Temple
600400561-046711/16-3/31 9:00-3:30
4/1-11/15 8:00-4:30
1,001 gold statues.
Sanzen-in Temple
700300744-2531Dec-Feb 8:30-4:30
Mar-Nov 8:30-5:00
Beautiful garden and red maples.
Seiryo-ji Temple
400300861-0343Apr,May,Oct,Nov 9:00-5:00
Other months 9:00-4:00
Famous for Buddha statues.
Senbon-shakado Temple
500H400/J300461-59739:00-4:30Famous for "Okame-san".
Sennyu-ji Temple
500H500/J300561-1551Mar-Nov 9:00-4:30
Dec-Feb 9:00-4:00
Beautiful red maples.
Shimogamo-jinja Shrine
FreeFree781-0010Any timeWorld cultual heritage.
Shinnyo-do Temple
500H300/J200771-09159:00-4:00Beautiful red maples.
Shisen-do Temple
500H400/J200781-29549:00-4:45Beautil zen gardens.
Shoden-ji Temple
300300491-32599:00-5:00Wooden ceiling boards of the Chi Tenjo.
Shoji-ji Temple
400300331-06019:00-4:30So called "Flower Temple".
Shoren-in Temple
500400561-23459:00-4:30Giant camphor trees.
Shorenin-Dainichido Temple
500400771-03909:00-4:30Kyoto's finest land scape garden.
Shorin-in Temple
300H300/J200744-24099:00-4:30Famous for zen spilit.
Shoseien Temple
500500371-91819:00-3:30Beautiful garden.
Suzumushi-dera Temple
with tea
H500/J300381-38309:00-4:30Most famous make wish temple.
T Myoshin-ji Taizo-in Temple
i‘Þ‘ ‰@j
500H500/J300463-28559:00-5:00Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Tenryu-ji Temple
Honden +100
H500/J300881-12353/21-10/20 8:30-5:30
10/21-3/20 8:30-5:00
Beautiful red maples.
To-ji Temple
500H400/J300691-33253/20-9/19 8:30-5:30
9/20-3/19 8:30-4:30
Five-storey pagoda, Kobo-san market.
Toji-in Temple
500H500/J300461-57868:00-4:30Temple for Ashikaga-shogun.
Tofuku-ji Temple
400H400/J300561-0087Dec-Mar 9:00-3:30
Apr-Nov 8:00-4:30
One of Kyoto's most famous red maples spot.
Toyokuni-jinja Shrine
FreeFree561-38029:00-4:30Shrine for Hideyoshi the kanpaku.
U Umenomiya-taisha Shrine
500(Garden)H500/J250861-27309:00-4:30Flowers in spring.
Unryu-in Temple
300300541-39169:00-4:30Beautiful red maples.
Y Yasaka-jinja Shrine
FreeFree561-6155Any timeOrigine of "Gion". Hatsu-mode at new year.
Z Daitoku-ji Zuiho-in Temple
400H400/J300491-14549:00-5:00Enshrine the 16th-century Christian daimyo.
Zuishin-in Temple
400H400/J300571-00259:00-4:30Flowers through the year.

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